Whichever stream you decided to study in your college years, you must agree that college days are most memorable days of one’s life. Some people enjoy this time cheerfully and perform well in studies as well as extracurricular activities, but If you are a shy student and never participated in any of college activities don’t worry, we’ve got your back, below are few ways by which you can explore fascinating college years with stretching a little of your comfort zone.

Join a Club
Every college have several student clubs/societies, find your interest, and join one of them, this will give you company of like-minded people and chances are you will enjoy it. Joining a college club not only gives your hobby/interest a new horizon to develop but also leaves you with plenty of sweet and sour memories. If you cannot find a club with which you may relate yourself then also do not worry, what is better than founding your own club within your club, you will cherish the decision of founding the club lifelong, especially during those alumni meats.

Assist your favourite prof
If you love to do academics then you may also consider, assisting your favourite professor in one of his interesting research. You can pick the type of assistance in your domain. I mean if you are a good with online data searches then you may assist your professor with online primary research, if you are an good at writing communication then you may help him writing letters and parts of research papers, idea is to find that little portion which you like to do and will not feel burdened with it. This activity will help you improve your skill & also give you sneak peek into how research work is done, what are the DO’s and DONT’s of it ETC.

Learn a new Skill
This is a must do activity for all students, learning a new skill every now & then is best you can do in your free time. If you have choice then pick a skill that is opposite side of current course skills, for example if you are studying to become a civil engineer pick swimming or Photography and learn it. This should help you overcome the boredom and fatigue faster. Its important to keep up with this habit, if you have learnt how to swim then start painting, when painting is done start learning how to play a musical instrument. You will not only be surprised by how much you enjoy the learning process but also you be appreciated for your passion for learning in your college too.

Play your favourite sport and join the team
Sports is a good binder, if you have facilities at your college for your favourite sport then you should play it and try to join your college team as well. This adds a few new flavours to your character which gets appreciation. If you cannot find your favourite sport the also you should pick sport which is available at your college. Playing and being physically has its own health benefits as well as mental benefits. Sports can relax your mind and keep away anxiety. And this adds to your resume’s extracurricular section as well.

Volunteer for Good Deeds
We live in an inconsistent society; some people are privileged, and some are deprived of few or more things. Luckily, you have this gods gift to study in a good college and yet there are some unfortunates who do not even have facilities to get basic education. Some people do not get to eat food on daily basis and so on. At the same time, we can find group of people who are doing good deed for society, teaching underprivileged children, distributing food packets, cleanliness drive in a poor locality etc. you can volunteer for any of these activities in any form basis on your interest, capacity and availability. You will feel calmness when you experience that your tasks are spreading happiness for underprivileged.

College days are best time of your life enjoy it to the fullest and create memories forever.

Watch out this space for more such tips.