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3 Common Mistakes Students Make While Choosing a PGDM Course


Management education is one of the most preferred post graduate education streams across the world. PGDM or Post graduate Diploma in Management is considered a key to a prosperous career ahead. Yet it is observed that students from all backgrounds make some mistakes while selecting their specialization in PGDM. These mistakes can happen either in peer pressure or due to lack of knowledge, so here we will discuss three most common mistakes students make while choosing a PGDM course, so that readers can avoid those mistakes. best college in greater noida Loose focus on their own Strengths: Self-doubt is ok [...]

3 Common Mistakes Students Make While Choosing a PGDM Course2022-04-05T22:13:23+00:00

Importance of Communication Skills for Leadership and Management


Management takes responsibility of an organisation and most importantly lead organisation’s way to future. Key expectation from Leadership is to establish a common vision for all organisation to follow and it’s obvious that this cannot be achieved without effective communication. A famous line by James Humes Describe this perfectly, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Why communication described as one of the defining attributes of leadership let us explore. Imagine a meeting room filled with area managers and CEO comes in 10 minutes late in that meeting. He starts his speech on his area of concerns with [...]

Importance of Communication Skills for Leadership and Management2022-04-05T22:11:47+00:00

Effective Ways to Get Involved In Campus


Whichever stream you decided to study in your college years, you must agree that college days are most memorable days of one’s life. Some people enjoy this time cheerfully and perform well in studies as well as extracurricular activities, but If you are a shy student and never participated in any of college activities don’t worry, we’ve got your back, below are few ways by which you can explore fascinating college years with stretching a little of your comfort zone. pgdm colleges in greater noida Join a Club Every college have several student clubs/societies, find your interest, and join one [...]

Effective Ways to Get Involved In Campus2022-04-05T22:12:44+00:00