Management education is one of the most preferred post graduate education streams across the world. PGDM or Post graduate Diploma in Management is considered a key to a prosperous career ahead. Yet it is observed that students from all backgrounds make some mistakes while selecting their specialization in PGDM. These mistakes can happen either in peer pressure or due to lack of knowledge, so here we will discuss three most common mistakes students make while choosing a PGDM course, so that readers can avoid those mistakes.

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Loose focus on their own Strengths: Self-doubt is ok to improve yourself but when it is a question of choosing what’s right for you, then you must leave self-doubt and choose the path as per your own strengths. Most students as a process look for weaknesses, they have so that they can improve them by working on those areas and this is right too. But we must know our area of strength more than our weaknesses. Very commonly you can find an unhappy finance fresher who is unable to secure a job because he was good at meeting people and communicating, he could have opted for marketing specialization, but he opted for Finance Specialization because his friends were opting for it too. Do not look for others approval, know your strengths and choose a field where you can potentially utilize your skills and strengths.
Not Choosing the right college: Selecting a right college is extremely important, a right institute can fuel up your potential many folds. One can use academic excellence, industrial exposure, reputation, alumni networks, and placement assistance as litmus tests for any institute to judge upon. You can consider an Institute right for you if that Institute has a proven track record on mentioned parameters. Recognition in the form of “awards” can also be considered as a guiding light while selecting an institute for PGDM studies.
Not improving Basic Soft Skills: Today’s business operations are happening on a global scale and companies want to hire competent and professional managers to run the show. If you are thinking of pursuing a professional course in which you get best returns of your investments then you should be ready to put hard work to improve yourself as a first step, and here I mean you should first improve your basic soft skills such as communication, English speaking, etiquettes & manners etc. because once you enter B-school you will have to cope-up with several other challenges. The more prepared you are to start your PGDM journey, the better it is for you.
If an MBA aspirant avoids these most common mistakes, then chances are that he/she can have an informed and better start in their careers.

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